Level Switches
Available in sensor based design, this array of level switches is well known for its ergonomic look, ability to operate at high temperature condition and prolonged working life. Offered product range is fitted with flange or thread based connector to establish connection with pipelines or equipments.
Flow Meters
Ultrasonic and electromagnetic flow meters are useful to determine the volume or mass of fluids and gases.  These electricity driven instruments support digital display technology. Low power consumption and insulated design are the key features of this product range.
Level Transmitters
Level Transmitters are used for measurement of liquid level of storage vessels continuously. High accuracy level, digital display technology based operation and long lasting quality are the key features of this product range.

Moisture Sensors
Soil moisture sensors are used to determine water content in soil. Based on application requirement, these sensors are offered in portable type or stationary type design choices. Long working life is one of their main aspects.

Radar Level Transmitter
Radar technology based radar level transmitters are used to determine fluid level on the basis of electromagnetic wave of specific microwave bandwidth. Prolonged working life is one of their main aspects.
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Electricity driven Ultrasonic Level Transmitters are used for continuous measurement of fluids that are free from foam, gas or vapor. These ultrasonic products are equipped with in built temperature compensation arrangement and push button controlled calibration facility.

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